Jackson’s Laws of Job Hunting

Jackson’s Laws of Job Hunting :-

At the levels I generally recruit you’d be forgiven for thinking that Senior Marketing people, and especially ones from the world of Luxury, would know the basics of Job hunting and interview technique.

Its been to my horror lately that the way some, seemingly well regarded, people have presented themselves at the various meetings I have had and so I feel compelled to write a few suggestions so to speak on what to do and more importantly what Not to do in your search for that next “big challenge”. Lets call them Jackson’s Laws.

Lets start on the initial hunt and how to present yourself to get noticed. First off write a CV like you’ve spent more than 10 minutes on it. Us experienced recruiters can spot the rushed out CV from a hundred paces and believe me they get deleted… normally within 30 seconds of being opened. The adage “better something than nothing” doesn’t bode well in recruitment. If you cannot be bothered to write a well thought through piece on your work life then really I’d suggest that you don’t bother at all.

Another, less obvious, flaw in many CV’s is that applicants presume us recruiters know what every brand in the world does. Believe me we don’t so unless its a top 100 Brand or a top 50 Luxury brand in my case then a little line or two on what your current and past employers do / did is most helpful. Even a URL is sometimes good so we don’t have to hunt the world trying to figure you out.

Keep the CV short but not too short. The one pager in my view is SO 80’s and really has had its day. Two to three is quite enough if you genuinely have something to say but try not to go over three. What you write says so much about you from a psychological point of view that you’d be surprised. Being a avid student of the NLP world us recruiters do try and figure people out and in time we do get good at it. So, are you a rambler ? Are you likely you get the point in a meeting. Balance that with being too succinct and you can come across cold so a nice balance of fact and personality is great.

Moving onto the first interview can I say that this is where so many people get it wrong. First impressions are the most important thing here. 66% of what people see and feel is remembered as opposed to 33% of what people hear so get this bit right and you put yourself ahead of the pack.

Wear a smart, freshly dry cleaned suit if you are a man or a smart dress suit for a woman. Polish your shoes.. and this really is where many slip up. So many people turn up with scuffed shoes and scruffy clothes its amazing. If you’re a man make sure you’ve shaved that day and put some smelly’s on. BO is unforgivable in 2012 !.

Bring with you three maybe four printed CV’s with you. Print them off on clean white ( min 100 GSM ) paper. Nothing fancy at all. I personally cannot bear that dreadful conqueror textured stuff ! So many candidates have presented themselves at my offices for an interview only to be told they’ve not brought the CV with them and for me to go and have to print one off for them. If the interviewer is annoyed in any way then you really are on a back foot.

The last “law ” here is a “capital offence” in my view and that is people who turn up and know nothing of the client. We are awash with information from every angle these days and if you’ve not done your research then you WILL NOT GET the job.. 100% certain.

More to come…..

For more information please contact
Charlie Jackson, Senior Marketing Executive
on +44 (0) 207 193 5143
or email charlie_jackson@jacksonrose.co.uk


Notes to Editors:

1. Established in 2005, Jackson Rose is a leading specialist professional recruitment consultancy with offices in London, Hong Kong and Spain and has strong coverage in most of Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.
2. Jackson Rose Recruitment Solutions is an award-winning recruitment agency specialising in recruitment and executive search assignments for Marketing and Retail roles with particular emphasis on the luxury goods industry We offer big agency expertise with the determination, enthusiasm, and personal service of an independent.

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